Concept, Design, Motion, Branding

Sute approached us in need of establishing the look and feel for their new Edu-Creator platform. After building out a fresh mini-brand kit we got started on 2 motion projects to launch the brand and prepare for beta-testers.

The style and design language didn't start with a motion design piece. Instead we worked with Sute to develop their brand from the ground up. While closely collaborating with the founders, we built out a style that was both unique and youthful yet retained the professionalism of a financial education centric platform.

After a lot of positive response to the initial branding and motion design piece, Sute returned with the desire to build a deeper dive into what the platform offers creators. We got to work. Working with themes of connection and growth we called back to the logo inspiration of a rocket going up into space. Creator avatars and connected network imagery were used to foster the idea of thriving communities that creators can build on the Sute platform.